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The Santo Domingo building’s unplanned “reconstruction”

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Sunday 12 October 2008 14:43 COT

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By the way winds are blowing… this rain is gonna be f***ing heavy.

Okay, the former saying was about another kind of "incidents". No title for this post came to my mind. Though, all things considered, it can be said that after today’s incident "all hell is gonna break loose" at the departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Los Andes University, or whoever had constructed that building glued with snots. But I’m just bringin’ it forward, so let’s start from the beginning.

It turns out that after three days of constant rain and such a cold which made impossible to get up from bed at 6 a. m., today Bogotá gave us 5 cents of sun… of course, joined by a baby hurricane.

I hadn’t paid attention to the huge gale lashing the University, despite I had a Gloria Trevi-in-her-best-(?)-years-like hairstyle after the second class of the day. It was at noon, when wind took away my lunch’s potatoes, tray included, when I realized the situation was deviating from normal.

Around 1:40 p. m. I left a class that had just finished at Engineering’s building and, using 20 minutes I had free before the next one, I went to the 5th floor’s computer lab. As I entered there I saw a lot of people crowd together at the windows, another people standing at this kind of balcony at the lab, and even more people at the building’s terraces. Since I never never miss anything, I came close to one of the windows looking what was entertaining Uniandinos this way.

Well, it was nothing but the building in front of us was having an unplanned reconstruction.

The Santo Domingo building before
The Santo Domingo building BEFORE… It was so cute… NOT
The Santo Domingo building now
The Santo Domingo building NOW… What’s that "shamelessness"?

The Administration School building, opened less than a year ago, was being naked by the wind in front of our very sceptical eyes. So I wanted to pretend I was a "citizen journalist 3.0" and reported the event in Twitter.

Maaria as a citizen journalist :)
[Caption: Maaria: citizen journalism 3.0: the Administration School building at Los Andes U. (Santodomingo bldg.) is falling piece by piece!] This girl was kinda exaggerating…

I stood there a while seeing how the last panels of the façade were falling, and learning the gossip with the respectable people I was sharing the balcony with. Later I ran away because I remembered I had a class and, of course, I was too late.

At 3:30 p. m. the university sent us an e-mail claiming the emergency at the Santo Domingo building was already under control. Yeah, of course, if there’s no more panels to fall left… everything’s under control!

I’ll leave you another couple of pics (I took’em after class, when all the mess had passed).

Daddy Julio Mario won't love this
Daddy Julio Mario won’t love what they did with his 10 million bucks.
Sky's falling!
Just like Chicken Little said: the sky is falling!
Zoom it, baby!
Zoom it, baby! I used to sit and read at those round windows :S

* Photo lifted from… from… dammit, I can’t find the site where I took this pic from this afternoon.

** You’ll excuse me for the qualitee of the pics. My new cellphone is really cute and stuff, but it should have a best camera resolution.

This article was originally published 8 October 2008 on the blog Esto sólo me pasa a mí. Translated from Spanish by Julián Ortega Martínez

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