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On legitimate defences and their patron saints

20 March 2009 1:28 | By: Marsares
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Colombian Fest was here

This is a review (and a personal “chronicle”) on the Colombian Fest held 29 October 2008 at Coliseo El Campín in Bogotá, with The Mills, The Mars Volta, and R. E. M., which despite some issues, turned out to be great. 2 November 2008 4:19 | By Genoveva | Comments (0)

The Santo Domingo building’s unplanned “reconstruction”

A quite personal report on what happened at Bogotá’s Los Andes University on Wednesday 8 October, when strong winds managed to partially knock down the façade of a recently inaugurated building, donated by Colombia’s second richest man. This is the first translated post from the Colombian blogosphere featured at equinoXio english edition. 12 October 2008 14:43 | By María José López | Comments (3)


Germán Vargas Lleras’s radical change

Germán Vargas Lleras’s statement claiming his party “Radical Change won’t become an obstacle for the approval” of the referendum seeking to allow another presidential re-election is still causing stir in the Colombian political world, specially because their support is unconditional. They will support changing the question (“had held” would become “had been elected”) which will open doors for President Uribe’s second re-election in 2010. 22 March 2009 15:35 | By Marsares | Comments (1)

Afro-Colombians celebrate Obama’s win

The election of the candidate of hope and change as president of the most powerful nation on Earth (for now, whether we like it or not) was celebrated all over the world, from Kenya (where his father was born) to Japan (where there’s a city named Obama). In Colombia, of course, black people felt identified with Barack Obama and celebrated his win their way. 6 November 2008 1:01 | By Julián Ortega Martínez | Comments (3)

Alfonso Cano, peace or war ideologue?

Marulanda died and Colombia starts to get used to it. After the euphoria of the Uribista hawks who, headed by Interior Minister Holguín, came out to preach the enemy’s total extermination, everything will return to normal. The FARC are not over, and peace is not so close either. 9 June 2008 23:39 | By Marsares | Comments (1)

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Meet “TRAFICANTES DE SUEÑOS”, a Spanish-speaking copyleft publishing house, and much more

On 26 March 2009 there will be a special event at National University of Colombia’s Bogotá campus, with the members of the Spanish associative bookstore “Traficantes de sueños”. The event will be broadcast via web radio. 24 March 2009 11:05 | By carobotero | Comments (0)

Cause against Argentinian professor for uploading texts by Derrida

The criminal offender is a professor at an Argentinian university who has been doing what many professors have done for centuries: facilitating the access to books for his students. He had a site devoted to Jacques Derrida and, around the Spanish texts of this philosopher, he also published research results, has forums and many other knowledge resources. The use of ICT he is doing is “affecting” the commercial interest of publishers and he is now facing a criminal cause. 13 March 2009 21:07 | By carobotero | Comments (0)

Doping: Champions from a Laboratory

The Álex Rodríguez case in the U. S. gets back to the spotlight one of the more undesirable behaviours in sports: Doping, that is not another thing that to obtain a disloyal advantage in a competition by using illegal medications. Here we will refer to some doping events, famous worldwide due to the relevance of the involved people and the sports in which they took place. 17 February 2009 22:31 | By Rafa XIII | Comments (0)

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    UPDATED: Cuban student denies to have been arrested and slams foreign media for their “manipulation”

    11 February 2008 20:54 | By Julián Ortega Martínez | Comments (1)

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